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by Connie Yost-Schwerdt 05/31/2020

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Did you ever wonder how companies collect so much data about you online and what they do with it? Or maybe you've been thinking about expanding your knowledge about analytics for your career. 

Either way, you can take a Johns Hopkins Data Science Course online for free right now to begin exploring the world of Big Data, machine learning and analytics.

Why Learn Data Science

Thanks to advanced analytics tools, organizations and governments can now collect endless amounts of data about your online and offline behavior. They use this data to:

  • Understand major market trends
  • Understand world health trends
  • Anticipate need so they can ramp up production or inventory
  • Personalize customer experiences 
  • Get the right product/services in front of the right consumers to encourage them to buy more
  • Optimize business processes, logistics and more
  • They can accomplish this and more through Big Data. And data science is all about collecting, analyzing, and using it.

    If you're the curious type who gets a little bored sitting at home with nothing to do, you'll probably find data science fascinating. But if you're thinking about advancing your career, you should know this as well.

    The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the need for Data Science professionals to increase by 16% over the next 10 years. They give it the astounding "much faster than average" designation.

    What You'll Learn In Johns Hopkins Data Science Class

    Johns Hopkins offers a 10-course training on data science. You can take as few or as many courses as you like with a subscription. In these courses, you learn important practical skills like:

  • How to collect and analyze data
  • Why data visualization is important and how to do it
  • Performing various types of data modeling to understand data
  • Using machine learning and automation to manage enormous amounts of data
  • Using a tool called GITHUB to manage data for course projects
  • The class is taught by Professor Brian Caffo, Ph.D. and Associate Professors Roger D. Peng, Ph.D. and Jeff Leek, Ph.D., all of the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins. This course is intended for beginners, so you need no previous data science knowledge. And class deadlines are very flexible.

    How to Sign Up for this Free Big Data Course

    You'll find this free online course on Coursera.org. Search for "Data Science Specialization". And sign up. 

    Are you finding yourself spending more time at home these days? Are you looking for an exciting and productive way to spend your time? This could be an excellent opportunity for you to learn something new.

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